Importance of time hits home with Nana’s passing, coronavirus

Everyone takes time for granted. Everyone takes some of the smallest things for granted. I’ve taken so much for granted, and it’s all gone now.

When the coronavirus was just affecting China, I had family in the hospital fighting for their lives. My uncle got better and came home; however, reality set in when we were told my Nana wouldn’t be as lucky. For the time being, she was OK and even said she was at peace and was ready. While at school that same day, I cried almost every class period. I went to the counselors and the restroom just to hide from everyone. I didn’t even want to see my closest friends.

Everything at home calmed down the week before spring break, and then the impact surrounding the coronavirus finally hit me. There’s so many people I could lose to the virus. My Nana, grandma, great aunt and uncle all came to my mind as well as some of my friends who could be affected. At this point I had enough and I just wanted — no I needed it to be — spring break. I needed this break more than anyone could know.

Be careful what you wish for. My break started with my Nana passing. I took it really hard but hid it from my family. I felt so alone. I couldn’t see any of my friends or family that live out of town. Days began to bleed together, and I had no idea if it was Thursday or Friday. I kept hearing more and more about coronavirus to the point where I was getting stressed. 

I’m worried about some of my family if they end up with the virus. I know they won’t make it. I’m talking more to my friends even though I feel mentally drained, and I don’t want to talk to people at all. I don’t want time to go by while I’m just standing aside and letting it. I guess one good within this whole mess is the fact that I understand more than ever how important time is. 

With everything that’s going on, make sure you tell someone goodbye and that you love them like it will be the last you’ll see them because it could be the last time.

Advisor note: This column was written by a Rider Chronicle staff writer who wanted to remain anonymous.