10 Unknown Things About the Library

Sheridan Allen, Reporter/Photographer

Although the library is in the middle of the school, some features of Rider’s library remain unknown to the students and the staff. 

Here’s a list of 10 great things about the library you may not have known about. 

3D printer 

One of the newest things to the library this year is a 3D printer that prints in black. However, it is not just another thing students get to look at; they can also print their own designs. In order to print, students have to learn the website TinkerCad, take screenshots and then go to Mr. Nielsen.

“We want to be able to reward students for their time, effort and knowledge on the idea of 3D printing,” Nielsen said.   

Sheridan Allen
The new 3D printer is open to all students.

New Books

As many students know, the library has received some new books this year. There are about 400 new books this year alone. Of those 170 were free some of which are signed by the author. Every month about 20 new books come in, meaning about 20 old books need to go out. Those 20 books are available for students to keep. All you have to do is ask about their availability.

Sheridan Allen
Brand new books are added to the library.


If students are ever bored during lunch or have some free time before or after school but don’t know what to do, the library is the only place in school that Minecraft is not blocked online. If you want to play Minecraft, simply ask Ms. Stockton.

Times to visit 

There are three times that anyone can visit the library: before or after school and during lunch. To visit the library at lunch, however, you need to get a pass from Stockton.

Students getting new books 

Stockton has entered into over 3,000 giveaways for books, and what some may not know is that students can also enter in those same giveaways. Goodreads.com and Bookloons.com are websites that have constant book giveaways that are free and easy to enter.

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Printer Access Restored 

At the beginning of the year, many students were turned away because the library didn’t have printers, but they’ve been returned and are available for students to use to print documents for class.

Miscellaneous items 

Coloring Pages- In the library, students can find coloring pages which anyone can use whenever they want. Many may feel like it’s an elementary activity, but studies have shown that coloring can help relieve stress. 

Magazines- Another item the library has is magazines. Students can use them for projects, to read or cut up and use for whatever they want. 

Lotion Station- The last miscellaneous item it a lotion station, which is located left of the checkout on the desk. The station does mostly have lotion, but it also has perfume, all of which are available for students.

Sheridan Allen
There are signed books, be on the look out for them.

Conference Room 

The last thing that many students don’t know about the library is the conference room. This is a room in the back of the library that is free for students to most of the time. Here students can record a video for a class project or have a club meeting. The only time this room is unavailable for the student body is when teachers or administrators are using it for meetings or a parent-teacher conference.