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10 Unknown Things About the Library

10 Unknown Things About the Library

Sheridan Allen, Reporter/Photographer October 23, 2019

Although the library is in the middle of the school, some features of Rider’s library remain unknown to the students and the staff.  Here’s a list of 10 great things about the library you may not...

Photo attributed by Travis Christoff

Political Position

Junior Experiences a White House Internship
Mandy Huynh, Reporter March 7, 2019

1500 miles away from his family, junior Travis Christoff stood in Washington D.C as a page for the senator when President Donald Trump walked over to him to chat. “The President talked to us for...

Marina King opens the anti-vape assembly

Students Raise Awareness on E-cigarettes

Sheridan Allen, Reporter/Photographer February 8, 2019

 Vaping has slowly become more popular among teens in the past few years. However; according to the National Institute on Drug abuse (NIDA), 13.75% of teens do not know what is inside of their e-cigarettes....

Sophomore Alex Preston and Jason Tran work on their chromebooks.

Students Connect Through Innovative New Program

Mandy Huynh and Sheridan Allen October 22, 2018

AP Capstone is a two year program that’s only offered at 1500 hundred schools in the U.S. Currently, Rider is the only school offering it in the whole district. The first year of the program is called...

Fast Tracking College Admissions

Fast Tracking College Admissions

The pros and cons of applying early decision or early action to colleges
Manasvi Reddy, Reporter March 22, 2018

According to CollegeBoard, the process of applying to undergraduate college programs begins at the start of the summer following junior year. From scholarships to essays to financial aid, the deadlines...

At the media banquet, seniors Cortney Wood, Shannon Pyle, Arianna Garza and Miranda Darnè took silly pictures because Cortney is a “little turkey” and doesn’t take individual pictures Darnè said. “She’s always ducking behind people or she’s the one taking the picture,” Darnè said. “My favorite pictures of her though are the ones she takes when she steals your iPhone, if you want to see some definitely ask me, I will show you.”

‘Bye Friend’

Raider of the Month
Sierra Hodges, Reporter May 23, 2016

It’s a “hey pal” or a “hi friend” that makes her who she is. She’s known by name but even more by voice throughout the school. Senior Cortney Wood is known personally by all of the administration...

To collect data for his eco-column fish tank, Senior Jake Schrass measures his fish’s food supply, the sea plant.
“This experiment teaches us the relationship between terrestrial and aqueous habitats,” Schrass said. “It shows us how nutrients are shared between different food chains. It was a lot of fun, but the most important skill I have learned so far would be how to not kill Caesar, my group’s fish.”

Flipped Classrooms

Teachers begin to follow new style for lessons
Jared Bruner, Reporter December 11, 2015

He sits in the back, grading papers while the students collect data from their homemade fish tanks. AP Environmental Science teacher Joshua Nielsen teaches his classroom with the “flipped classroom”...

Red Alert

Red Alert

Mulitpule outside doors primary concerns after near school shooting
Cortney Wood, Co-Editor-In-Chief December 10, 2015

As the on-campus police officers returned from an errand on Nov. 19, they were notified of the shooting at Texoma Armory Gun Shop in the 4700 block on Southwest Parkway at 11 a.m., just before the first...

Staff Editorial

Staff Editorial

Calendar Crisis: A Simple Solution
May 12, 2015

There is a need for organization within the school that allows students to know what is happening and when. Without a calendar, a schedule, or online source to find out, there is no way to inform both...

Picture Day Memories Prove Fun

Picture Day Memories Prove Fun

Montana Mooney, Reporter September 10, 2012

If you attend Rider, there's a good chance that as I'm writing this you are getting to experience all of the wonders of the oh so infamous picture day. I myself have already gotten this year's yearbook...

Mice Found on Campus

Jordan Campagna January 8, 2010

Instead of students and teachers being the only things in the school, this year, there are a few new visitors: mice. Deliese Nusser, Food and Nutrition Sciences teacher, doesn't have a problem with...

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