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Energy Drinks: High-sugar marketing ploy not useful

April 5, 2012

Want to stay awake? Want to feel alert? Sleep at least eight hours a night. Eat food of a healthy quantity and quality on a regular basis. Participate in routine hygiene activities. The key to continually...

Social networking causes online drama, prompts real life fights

March 2, 2012

Almost everyone on this campus has a Facebook account. Facebook is a social networking site used to communicate with and browse pictures of friends and family. Seems healthy, right? Wrong. Everyone is...

Distance really does make the heart grow fonder

March 2, 2012

"I'm sad that you're going, but it's a good decision. This will be good for you." my dad said, draping his arm around my shoulder. It was finally that time. The day that I'd been somewhat dreading...

Text talk popping up in class assignments causes teachers to fear for students’ future careers

December 15, 2011

Lower case i’s, numbers for words, partial words instead of full words, fragments. All are seen in papers turned in as final copies. Teachers say the texting generation can’t spell, and that’s a...

Student grows closer to mother after realizing hurtfulness of words, accepting differences

November 4, 2011

I  sat        in the hard yellow chair, working on the long packet presented by the teacher, my hand cramping, listening to the quiet chatter of the students in front, behind, beside me. I could...

Technology, homework do not go together

November 4, 2011

There is no such thing as “Multitasking.” That is, there is no such thing as being able to multitask efficiently. While you try to take care of two to four things at a time you are most always sacrificing...

With time, practice, support, students will learn ways to multi-task efficiently, beneficially

November 4, 2011

Modern technology is a part of modern life. There isn’t anything more obvious than that fact. When teachers and students are saying that it isn’t okay to multitask with homework and iPhones, they are...

Too short for school: Cheer skirts call for compromise

Too short for school: Cheer skirts call for compromise
October 7, 2011

While students are kneeling, their skirts or shorts must be six inches from the floor. Want an exception to this rule? Be a cheerleader. If the dress code is going to stay the way it is, then it needs...

You can hate him, but he’s still getting paper

October 6, 2011

Feb. 9, 2009. A text message from my cousin comes in. In it, she asks me if I’ve heard the latest news on Chris Brown and Rihanna. I was fresh out of a long day at school, feeling exhausted as I sat...

October Crossfire Con: Change needed for excess of 5.0 classes

October 6, 2011

Various schools throughout Texas have moved to a grading scale where only four AP classes count toward extra grade points. This system is a good model of what our schools should move toward. If this...

October Crossfire Pro: Students deserve point, leave 5.0 alone

October 6, 2011

Some people say the GPA system needs to be changed from the current system which allows every AP class taken to count as a 5.0 to a new system that would only allow four classes to count as 5.0's. It...

Deadline Changes Perception of Time

October 4, 2011

Senior year, we go to school and take it all in...trying to capture the memories and take nothing for granted, I mean it’s the last year of high school right? But what if it were your last year alive?...

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