Netflix Neurosis


Friday night.

You don’t have anything to do.

Well, you have two packets of homework and a project due on Monday.

But all of that can wait till Sunday night.

And you don’t want to go anywhere, because that means talking to people and having to put on normal pants. *presses play on Netflix* whole weekend booked

Netflix has become every teenagers’ best friend. It’s their comfort, rest, stress-reliever, obsession, companion, and their enemy. Practically everyone on the planet has a membership.

Honestly your parents pay the $8-a-month fee, so you don’t have anything to lose. But we all know that the money they save, we spend. So in reality, because of this cheap bill, we get to waste more money on things like more sweatpants.

It’s all really enjoyable, you’re able to watch your favorite shows while lounging in your warm home and never care about the world because you’re just enthralled with the world of Grey’s Anatomy or Once Upon A Time, and you get to forget about your own.

I guess that is the beauty of Netflix.

You are able to enter this time warp and pick any world, and you can travel there. With no commercials. And you have access to continuous seasons.

That’s why Netflix junkies choose to stay home, rather than attending some other event… like reality.

Netlflix is a never ending cycle.

Because right after you finish a season, they have the next one right there for you, all it takes a little muscle movement from your finger. Once you finish the entire show, and you enter into a state of emotional depression, Netflix kindly offers more shows similar to the one you finished and

you get to be enthralled by this new show.

Our old pal, television, is still there for us though, so when we finally do catch up to the Game of Thrones, we have to wait every gruelling week and actually be patient until the new episode airs. Then you start hating yourself for watching the previous three seasons in two days instead of making the entertainment last longer.

But no worries, because there are endless amounts of shows and movies provided just for you, thanks to Netflix, your BFF. Forever and ever.