Generation Why

Music taste called into question

When you think of the music of 2000s leading all the way up to 2013, what do you think of? Macklemore preaching to us about same love, Green Day continuing to question the status quo to tell us, “Don’t be an American Idiot.” Or do you think of the sight to sore eyes called the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and dancing teddy bears?

All the music sounds the same: whiny Pop Punk or Indie songs with “Soul.” There’s no originality, even with Hip Hop. It’s the same House music beats with lyrics about molly and money. If asked “Why do you listen today’s music?” students will often say they love the beat. Why do you think Dubstep blew up so fast? Beats.

How’d we go from, “After all is really said and done, the two of us are really one, The goddess really smiled upon our love, dear Yoko.” to “You are looking at a shark in a fish tank.” (Well, ain’t that deep? Thanks 2 Chainz for stealing my brain cells.)

Over the years the schools musicians loved and respected like Berklee College of Music are starting to let anyone in their programs if the student’s parents’ can pay.

The music of this generation is turning us into simple-minded robots. Having said that, comparing the music of today to the music of Mozart is like comparing Albert Einstein to a small child. Because Mozart is so complex, it takes a disciplined mind to listen to something that’s not repetitive. It’s too technical for the simple minded. Today’s music is all about appealing to the twerking Housewives of Tomorrow.

Honestly, if you think about it Rick Rubin and Stephen Cooper are too closed minded to sign the next big thing. Bands and artists like Twenty One Pilots, Cage The Elephant , Odd Future, A$AP Rocky, and Gym Class Heroes. And yet no matter how many times these bands grab MTV and Billboard’s brass rings, they’re not on big name award shows. The bands rarely are promoted. Certainly you won’t see them on any crappy show on the NBC Network. They’re not promoted on the Grammy’s. But the fact of the matter is, they should be.