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Students Connect Through Innovative New Program

Sophomore Alex Preston and Jason Tran work on their chromebooks.

Mandy Huynh and Sheridan Allen

October 22, 2018

AP Capstone is a two year program that’s only offered at 1500 hundred schools in the U.S. Currently, Rider is the only school offering it in the whole district. The first year of the program is called AP seminar, which 26 students are currently enrolled. They learn how to identify credible sources an...

Out With the Old, In With the New

Out With the Old, In With the New

Victoria Hitchcock and Mandy Huynh

September 6, 2018

When the student body learned that they would be receiving chromebooks for classwork this year, their reactions varied widely. The news brought about feelings of excitement from some, and contempt for change from others. Some students, like senior Anna Razavi, are frustrated with new requirements to use a ...

New Club on the Block

New Club on the Block

Victoria Hitchcock, Section Editor

February 28, 2018

Movies often depict high school to be full of cliques. There are the jocks, the goths, the geeks, the preppy kids, and countless others. As ridiculous as they seem on screen, a less extreme version does tend to exist in real life, and this division can leave some kids feeling excluded. Everyone want...

Learning From Leaders

Learning From Leaders

Victoria Hitchcock, Section Editor

January 2, 2018

The first week of November 2017 set in motion a new method of professional development. The pineapples you may see adorning classroom doors around the school aren’t just for decoration, they serve a greater purpose. They are a part of the Pineapple Chart, a system that allows teachers to observe othe...

Let’s Talk About Sex

Let's Talk About Sex

Victoria Hitchcock, Reporter

April 22, 2016

When the state of Texas cut the health requirement for high school students, they also took away any form of sex education at Rider, except for the few who choose to take health as an elective. At Rider, that’s 30 students a semester. Before the cut, students learned about Hot Topics, the abstinence...

School Choice, Thing of the Past

School Choice, Thing of the Past

Brooke Inman, Reporter

October 27, 2015

Because of the new attendance zones enforced this year by the school board, school choice for students is no longer permitted in the district, unless you are permitted an opt-out choice. This is the first year since the mid-nineties that seventh and ninth graders have had to attend the school in their...

Staph Found In Locker Room, No Soap In Bathroom

Staph Found In Locker Room, No Soap In Bathroom

Makayla Schnaufer, Reporter

September 28, 2015

There have been three confirmed cases of staph out of the athletic department, causing the health department and the school district to take action and protect students and faculty. “This is staph,” said school nurse Kim Hagy. “Nothing has been confirmed MRSA.” MRSA is a more aggressive...

World History Essential

Theresa Dhein, reporter

June 1, 2015

By making World History, a subject that broadens a student's mind, an elective class, WFISD makes an important decision for the next generation of students. Knowledge of other countries and their history is significant for understanding their cultures. Sure, it is very important to know about one’s...

When The School Bond Failed

Kiersten Scott, Co-Editor

June 4, 2014

The May 10 school bond proposal lost by a margin of 7553 votes cast against to 2812 votes cast for. Because of the bond’s failure students were notified two weeks ago what school they were assigned to and 40 of those students did not get their first choice. “You can’t make 100 percent of people...

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