What to expect for Rider-Old High


Rider Media

The Happening is a ROHO tradition that many look forward to each year.

Rider-Old High is one of the biggest football games of the season. As each class and organization began decorating this past Friday, students are excited for Rivalry Week.

Every day will be a dress up day. Students are encouraged to participate in showing school spirit. 

Monday- Monochrome, wear only one color

Tuesday-Adam Sandler

Wednesday-Anything but a backpack, more guidelines to follow

Thursday- Retro/70s

Friday- Black and Gold


While dress-up days are a fun way to show school spirit, The Happening is another popular event. The night before the game, student organizations decorate floats and put on a parade. At the end of the event, students, parents, and alumni gather together in the field house for an assembly. Inside, the only lights are candles and phone lights. While many see this as a “cult ritual,” to others it is a fun way to display school spirit.

After a week of anticipation, it’s finally Friday. The senior class president announces what is known as “Mum Day.” Students go to class as normal but silently. There is not a sound to be heard throughout the entire day until the victory bell is rung at the Pep Rally. It is then students yell and scream so loudly that those at Old High can hear.

Then it’s time for the game! The stands are packed with hundreds of people waiting to see who will win. Rider-Old High week comes to an end, hopefully with a Raider victory. This year the Raiders are on the visitors’ side. The game starts at 7 pm, and will be crowded. If you plan on getting a good seat for the cross-town showdown, be prepared to arrive early.