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Teacher Today, DJ Tomorrow

After six years as the choir director, Jason Mayfield is leaving education at the end of this school year to pursue his business, Mayfield Events.

Jared Bruner, Reporter

September 25, 2015

Lights flashing. Speakers thumping. The room is filled with people dancing. Dancing to the music chosen by the DJ. This is what Choir Director Jason Mayfield does as a living. Alongside his job as choir director, Mayfield and his wife Laura Mayfield own a DJ/Events business called Mayfield...

Digital Dilemma

Digital Dilemma

Kiersten Scott, Co-Editor-in-Chief

February 13, 2015

I see it in class every day. Students on their phones. Sometimes I wonder if I am the last left who still feels guilty for pulling out my phone to look something up or try to check my grades. This is wrong. School policy declares that devices must be off all day, but the moment I step into class it’s...

iPhone 6 = Awesome

Reporter Miranda Darne stood in line to get her iPhone 6 on release day. She says it's totally worth the wait.

Miranda Darne, Reporter

December 5, 2014

Finally. I’d basically been waiting for this phone for practically two years. To finally be rid of the haunting past that was my phone was glorious.. Granted I was supposed to wait in a freakishly long line, and maybe fill out the paperwork to get the new phone six to eight weeks later in...

Family helped save sophomore from life of technology crime


October 6, 2011

The media have you to believe that if you have all the right software, you’re safe, antivirus, antispyware, and other anti-whatevers. You are safe, they say. Tell me another one. Not a month ago, I was deeper than quicksand into these hacking and criminal activities. It felt amazing, being able...

IDEA Grants Rewarded to Rider Teachers

November 20, 2009

David White Rider HS Technology Title: Through My Eyes Project: Students will make use of digital videography to explore careers in production and filming. Students will complete a series of miniature projects that will expose them to the world of film in a way they wouldn’t otherwise receive....

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