‘Braving’ Spanish IV; Vice Principal continues teaching class


AP Spanish IV teacher Peter Braveboy teaches his first period class in the library. Braveboy was named one of the new Vice Principals this year.

New Assistant Principal Peter Braveboy is no stranger to the Rider campus. And even though he’s earned a spot on Rider’s administration staff, students in Spanish IV will continue to see him at the front of their classroom.
“I haven’t lost my passion for classroom teaching,” Braveboy said. “Teaching allows for more connection with the kids in a more positive way.”
For the past four years, Braveboy taught only Spanish classes.
“I have been blessed with exceptional students,” Braveboy said. “I wanted to stay directly connected with a classroom.”
The thing he will miss the most is “the students and the challenge to get non-native speakers to speak Spanish well.”
“Only the grading of so many papers was tiring,” Braveboy said. “But I enjoyed each and every day that I taught.”
Last summer was the first time he had thought of administration, when he started his Principal’s certificate.
“Teaching came with much more ease having done it for so many years,” Braveboy said. “I hope to say the same about administration. I know that those before me enjoyed it and continue to enjoy it, though stressful at times.”
Braveboy hopes the new position has the same pros as teaching.
“Teaching allowed me to have a greater influence on kids and the way they shape their lives for future years,” Braveboy said. “Maybe I’ll discover the same with this new post; it’s too soon to tell. As a teacher, I focused less on having to discipline students, but this is a new challenge I look forward to.”