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Q/A with Rider Principal Dr. Cody Blair

Dr. Cody Blair is looking forward to the next school year.

Sheridan Allen, Reporter/Photographer

August 22, 2019

Dr. Cody Blair is beginning his second year as Rider High School's principal. With many changes underway, The Rider Chronicle sat down with Dr. Blair to address his plans and goals for the school year. Q: What do you think has made this school successful so far?  A: The key to all of our success is o...

New Year, New Rules

New Year, New Rules

Carson Lee and Manasvi Reddy

August 31, 2018

With school officially back in session, students are waking up from summer-long snoozes to face multiple changes on campus. As they walked into school for the first time in months, they were greeted by an unfamiliar face: Dr. Cody Blair, the new Principal of Rider High School. Dr. Blair replaced M...

Capturing Carroll Collectively

Administrative assistant and bookkeeper Montie Carroll takes care of much of the business that keeps the school running.

Brooke Inman, Reporter

September 28, 2015

She arrives at work at 7:15 a.m. every morning. Immediately, she is taking calls and aligning papers for the principal. Administrative assistant and bookkeeper Montie Carroll works at least eight hours every day. Being an administrative assistant, Carroll is responsible for Rider’s budget and ma...

Braveboy Takes Job As Elementary Principal

Braveboy Takes Job As Elementary Principal

Lane Maddox, Reporter

December 18, 2014

Mr. Braveboy makes his daily rounds through the student center and cafeteria during lunch, monitoring the room and checking in with his students. He brings smiles to their faces as he thinks about the big change that he is about to go through. After working with high school students for more than...

A New Boss In Town

A New Boss In Town

Ashlynn Giles, Reporter

October 16, 2013

Assistant Principal Cody Blair said he felt very blessed when he found out he had gotten the job of his dreams. “I was very excited and humbled when I found out,” Blair said.“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” When Blair first started teaching, a mentor came to observe his...

Kirby Joins Administrative Staff

Jordan Campagna

October 28, 2009

One of the many administrative changes this year includes new assistant principal is Synthia Kirby. Kirby grew up in Durant, Oklahoma and now lives in Henrietta, Texas. In college, she got an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Health and Physical Education. She earned...

Open Campus Possible For Rider’s Future

Nicole Mercadante

October 9, 2009

Every day for lunch, kids hurry to their cars so they can fill up on fast food. This year there has been quite the buzz on Rider having an open or closed lunch. Where the rumor started, no one knows, but whether students do or do not leave for lunch, Rider is still a closed campus. However, that could...

‘Braving’ Spanish IV; Vice Principal continues teaching class

'Braving' Spanish IV; Vice Principal continues teaching class

October 5, 2009

New Assistant Principal Peter Braveboy is no stranger to the Rider campus. And even though he's earned a spot on Rider's administration staff, students in Spanish IV will continue to see him at the front of their classroom. "I haven't lost my passion for classroom teaching," Braveboy said. "Teaching...

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