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Karla’s Story

Karla Alvardo and Karla Gonzalez friendship over their school career has developed them into student leaders.

Shawn Kirkland, Reporter

September 28, 2015

She walked into the classroom, but she couldn’t speak English. It was 2002 and the first day of kindergarten for Karla Alvarado who had just arrived from Mexico City. She was attending an American school and there wasn’t anyone who could speak Spanish, at least that’s what she thought. All...

¡Freshmen Fiesta!

¡Freshmen Fiesta!

Savannah Dickson, Reporter

September 27, 2015

Due to the rule change allowing eighth graders to take Pre-Ap Spanish I, freshmen will tag along with sophomores in pre-AP Spanish II, affecting both classes. “The vast majority of them [sophomores] seem to know what they are doing right now and seem very well prepared, and in the overall scheme...

‘Braving’ Spanish IV; Vice Principal continues teaching class

'Braving' Spanish IV; Vice Principal continues teaching class

October 5, 2009

New Assistant Principal Peter Braveboy is no stranger to the Rider campus. And even though he's earned a spot on Rider's administration staff, students in Spanish IV will continue to see him at the front of their classroom. "I haven't lost my passion for classroom teaching," Braveboy said. "Teaching...

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