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Allowing sophomores off-campus lunch is a win-win

The cafeteria and student center aren't as crowded with more students learning from home.

Olivia Davenport, Staff Writer

September 11, 2020

With only 68 percent of students back at Rider face-to-face this six weeks, there is an obvious reduction of bodies in the school, especially at lunch. Yet this depletion of students and other safety precautions in place, we are still overcrowded. There is an obvious long term solution: letting sophomor...

Western Burgers are Back

Western Burgers are Back

Sheridan Allen, Reporter, Photographer

December 13, 2018

After being gone for a few years, a former school lunch, the Western Burger, is returning for an annual event. The burgers were first served in a school cafeteria in the 1970’s; however, the school stopped serving them in the early 2000s. They’ve made a return to the school lunches just this year. ...

Your 2016-17 Lunch Report

Jacob H. Wooten, Reporter, Website Manager

February 1, 2017

Fifteen minutes is all it takes to put the eyes of a student into the view of an administrator. Fifteen minutes that WFISD cut from every high school’s lunch time in order to compensate for new state legislation. House Bill 2610 aims to give school districts more leeway with scheduling. “Sometime...

Upperclassmen enjoy off campus privileges

Upperclassmen enjoy off campus privileges

September 13, 2011

A change in the school lunch period has been implemented. Now replacing the 45 minute lunches last year are shorter, 36 minute lunches. The two shorter lunches are a result of not meeting the state's requirements for the hours that the school is required to be in session. The school also opened the...

Open Campus Possible For Rider’s Future

Nicole Mercadante

October 9, 2009

Every day for lunch, kids hurry to their cars so they can fill up on fast food. This year there has been quite the buzz on Rider having an open or closed lunch. Where the rumor started, no one knows, but whether students do or do not leave for lunch, Rider is still a closed campus. However, that could...

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