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Changing Keys

The Pride of the Raiders Band practices in the mornings before school starts.

Sandra Le, Reporter

September 2, 2020

Across the nation, teachers have been forced to adjust their classes to new social distancing policies in order to keep students safe. Some fine arts courses such as choir and band are having to adapt to fit the new health and safety regulations.  “We had to change the order of how we sing in class,” assist...

A Series of Spooky Events

Maddie Nichols tries to crack the case during the first Murder Mystery event in Oct. 2018.

Manasvi Reddy, Copy Editor

October 22, 2019

With Halloween right around the corner, seasonal festivities are underway. Rider High School has several “spooky” events that will be hosted by numerous student organizations. Murder Mystery returns for the second year Last year, Nerd Club hosted its first Murder Mystery party in which participants ...

‘It’s an Adventure’

From left to right: Junior Ashton Mastalsz, Junior Rebekah Woodward, Senior Austin Taack. Mastalsz was an alternate for the Tenor 1 section, with Taack placing first chair, also as a Tenor 1, and Woodward placing first chair as an Alto 1.

Carson Lee, Editor-In-Chief

January 31, 2019

It’s countless hours of learning the music, perfecting every note, tidying up dynamics, and everything in between. It’s countless hours of sight reading for the later rounds. It’s countless hours of sitting at schools around the state, waiting to perform. Each stage eliminates some participants, e...

A Note Above the Rest

A Note Above the Rest

Carson Lee, Editor-In-Chief

January 22, 2018

The anticipation had risen, it was time to see if he would measure up. He had spent the last eight months preparing for this moment, and it all came down to this one audition. Then it was a waiting game. After auditioning earlier in the day, Junior Austin Taack sat among some of the best high school...

Teacher Today, DJ Tomorrow

After six years as the choir director, Jason Mayfield is leaving education at the end of this school year to pursue his business, Mayfield Events.

Jared Bruner, Reporter

September 25, 2015

Lights flashing. Speakers thumping. The room is filled with people dancing. Dancing to the music chosen by the DJ. This is what Choir Director Jason Mayfield does as a living. Alongside his job as choir director, Mayfield and his wife Laura Mayfield own a DJ/Events business called Mayfield...

Mrs. Bacus Takes A Bow

Erica Klenk

May 21, 2010

She stands at the front of the choir with her familiar warm smile and positive attitude towards her many students. As they sing the last note she puts her baton down and turns to the audience to take her final bow. The students tear up, and they clap for her. Choir director Karen Bacus plans to retire...

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