A Taste of Fall


Sheridan Allen

Our Editor-in-Chief, Mandy Huynh, sponsored these purchases. Much to her dismay.


With autumn creeping around the corner, fall food favorites are beginning to appear on grocery store shelves. The Rider Chronicle staff set out to sample a variety of seasonal flavors. 

Sheridan Allen
Choceur Pumpkin Spice flavoured yogurt covered pretzels.

Choceur Pumpkin Spice flavoured yogurt covered pretzels

Imagine drinking a butter and cheese milkshake with a hint (TRUCK FULL) of salt and you’ll know exactly how these “pretzels” taste. The smell reminded us of expired, butter-coated movie theater popcorn. Much to our photographer Sheridan Allen’s dismay, we’d rather eat sweet pickles than ever have to taste a “pumpkin spice flavored yogurt covered pretzel”. 

Y’all, it didn’t even taste like pumpkin. 

Verdict: “I would never eat willingly.” – Coach Duncan 

Sheridan Allen
Specially Selected Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn.

 Specially Selected Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn 

At first bite, you’d think that this was just caramel corn that you’d get during the fall. But seconds later, you’re immediately smacked across the tastebuds with the overwhelming sense of pumpkin. Artificial pumpkin. THAT. HIT. HARD.

Verdict: Would put on the top shelf of the pantry and push it aaallllllllll the way back and forget about it until I move out because that was just…odd.

Sheridan Allen
Werther’s Original Pumpkin Spice Soft Caramels.

Werther’s Original Pumpkin Spice Soft Caramels

Ooey, gooey melt in your mouth, these pumpkin spice soft caramels are actually…kind of average. The taste of pumpkin is very subtle and mixes well with the taste of caramel, reminding us of a late Thanksgiving night around a fire. Though, it’s overly sweet and we wouldn’t recommend eating them regularly. 

Verdict: Would make into a candle…they smell nice. 

Sheridan Allen
Pecan Pie M&Ms.

Pecan Pie M&Ms

Is it peCAN or peCAWN? Well that doesn’t matter. These M&Ms lack any pecan flavor whatsoever and taste more like maple syrup, not even the good kind of maple syrup. However, we were left with an empty bag…. Chocolate is chocolate man. 

Verdict: These were literally regular M&Ms with a hint of syrup

Sheridan Allen
Maple Creme Oreos.

Maple Cream Oreos

Despite not tasting remotely like any maple WHATSOEVER, these Oreos did not disappoint us, mostly our reporter Meghan Helton, who DEVOURED the entire package of cookies. Of course, if we had to choose between regular Oreos or these Oreos, we’d definitely choose the regular Oreos. 

Verdict: “They’re an addiction in the moment, but I’m not going to get up and go buy more.” -Meghan 

Sheridan Allen
Pumpkin Cake Bites from the Walmart Bakery.

Pumpkin Cake Bites from the Walmart Bakery

This honestly tasted like something that was blessed from heaven. The taste of pumpkin didn’t mask over the cream cheese and they created AN AMAZING MIXTURE. This was our MOST FAVORITE fall flavor from everything we’ve tasted.  

Verdict: It’s a taste from heaven *insert angel emoji here*