Putting the Pep in Spring

Sheridan Allen, Reporter/Photographer

Although out of the norm for Rider’s students, the school will be having the first and only spring pep rally of the year Friday to help show love and support for the spring sports.

“I want to stress that we’re doing this to make sure that the spring sports really know that we’re supporting them,” head cheer coach Peyton Peterson said.

This is Rider’s first spring pep rally in a few years. Much of the pep rally is being kept under wraps, but Peterson said to expect some classic staples, while others are going to have “little twists” on them. 

“We are planning some fun things. At least we think they’re fun,” Peterson said. “The game that we’re going to play might be a little different. Instead of having some students from the stands come down, we’re going to have a representative from each team come play the game.”

Peterson and cheer are not the only ones excited for the pep rally. Emcee senior Amaia Martin said the pep rally was going to be “really fun.”

Even though it’s the first spring pep rally, it is also the very last pep rally for seniors, as they will be saying goodbye to Rider in May. Martin is one of those seniors.

“I’m looking forward to making memories that I’ll keep forever. It’s getting so, so real right now because it’s our last semester.” said Martin. “I’m kind of sad about it because I’ll miss all my friends, but hopefully I’ll get to make all the memories I can and have so much fun.”