Rider Continues to Save Lives Through Annual Blood Drive

Carson Lee, Editor-In-Chief

Last year, Rider High School received an award for the most blood donated in the state of Texas. Now, in hopes to continue, the student council put on another blood drive on October 22.

There were over 40 participants who gave blood, consisting of both students and faculty. There were students who were limited by other organizations, not allowing them to participate. Still, they stressed the importance of giving blood.

This blood drive was hosted by the Student Council, and as Student Council President Vy Phan said, this project is unique compared to others.

“With giving blood, you’re able to know that this is going to help someone, and this is going to be important in someone’s life,” Phan said.

The need for blood donors is evident in that someone needs blood every two seconds in the U.S. alone. Even a car accident survivor may need up to 100 pints of blood.

For the past several years, Rider students have given blood, knowing that each donation has the potential to save a life.

This year, as new Student Council Sponsor Julie Johnson settles into her role, the blood drive was a good way to help show what Student Council is all about.

“I think it’s good for students to see that it’s not that horrible to give blood and to make it a part of their routine,” Johnson said.

The Student Council hopes to have another blood drive in the spring in order to continue serving others.