A rundown for this year’s atypical Rider/Old High week


Olivia Davenport

Students spent many hours over the weekend decorating for Rider-Old High week.

Olivia Davenport, Staff Writer

Throughout this year, expect the unexpected has felt like a common theme. Rider/Old High week is no exemption. Since the big week has been moved up almost a month, everyone is scrambling to meet deadlines and confused as to what is happening. But do not fear! We have a daily rundown so you know exactly how to handle this week and answer all of your burning questions.



  • Theme: ’80s


  • Theme: ’90s


  • Theme: 2000s


  • Theme: Black & Gold
  • Mum Day
  • Virtual Pep Rally
  • THE Game starts at 7 p.m. (Don’t forget your mask AND student ID)


If you are familiar with rivalry week, you can see the schedule is looking pretty abnormal. The biggest and probably most disappointing difference is the absence of Round-Up. But don’t worry. The Round-Up assembly is still on! This year, Round-Up will stay as originally scheduled during the third week of November. While Round-Up Dance is still up in the air, there will be a virtual assembly and Mr. and Miss Raider. 

Another favored tradition is The Happening. Typically, the night before the game there is a parade on Raider Drive involving all teams and clubs. We then file into the fieldhouse and light candles in a circle. I know it sounds like a cult meeting and it sometimes feels like one, but the energy and sense of Raider pride is unmatched. Update: No Happening of any kind will be held after special consideration.

One tradition that is not changing (and my personal favorite) is Mum Day. For those who are unaware, during Mum Day the whole school is completely silent the ENTIRE day. Now, you probably have two questions: 1) Why do we do this? & 2) How do we enforce this? Our first answer is that we are saving our voices and building our spirit so when the victory bell rings we raise our voices so they can hear us across town. To answer the second question, if a teacher specifically tells you not to talk and you talk, it is considered not following instructions and you can receive detention. Also, this is one of our school’s most prided traditions and we strive to keep the tradition alive.

One major difference this year is that we will be watching the pep rally prerecorded in our eighth periods, instead of live in the fieldhouse. Teachers will open their doors and when the victory bell rings, screams will be heard all throughout the school. We will also not be holding class breakfasts this year.

Lastly, here’s some game information so we are ready to BEAT THOSE YOTES! The game starts at 7 p.m., but I would advise getting to the stadium early to get good seats. There is a system for the student section that I would advice following: seniors in the front, then juniors, sophomores and lastly freshmen. Tickets are on sale here. Students pay $2 and general admission is $6. You MUST have a mask to enter the stadium and your student ID to enter the student section. Seating is limited so get your tickets now! Also remember that once you leave the stadium, you cannot reenter.

While it may seem this year’s Rivalry Week will not rise to the occasion and expectations of previous years, we don’t need tradition to beat the Yotes. We need Raider pride and unity. One Family, One Team.