Q/A with Color Guard Captain Lilly Studer


Juan Espino/Rider Media

Lilly Studer enjoying one of her last pep rallies.

Mandy Huynh, Editor-in-Chief

Friday night will be a special one for many as it’s Senior Night for the Class of 2020’s JROTC, band, Raiderettes, color guard, cheerleaders and football. The Rider Chronicle is having a series of Q/As with the leaders of each organization this week. 

Color guard captain Lilly Studer has always been surrounded by band and color guard. It was only natural she would find her place in it. The Rider Chronicle sat down with her to talk about her experiences and memories.  

Q: How long have you been in color guard and why have you stayed this long?

A: I’ve been in guard for four years and I’ve stayed this long because I just think it’s a fun organization to meet new friends and also get new skills that not most people have.

Q: What makes color guard special for you? 

A: It’s been special to me because when I was little, I grew up around it because my mom was the color guard director, so band has always been in my life. I’ve always spent all my life at practices and rehearsals, so I grew up around it and it’s nostalgic. 

Q: What do you want to accomplish your senior year? 

A: This year I especially want to get more trophies, but I also want to get first place at championships in winter guard and I also want to make state for band. It’s important to me because I feel like we’ve been so close last year, we were in second place and then we got fifth which was very disappointing to me. I really just want to get a trophy because Rider hasn’t won any trophies before in color guard. 

Q: What’s your favorite memory of color guard?

A: I feel like last year we grew as a team and had really strong bonds. Every single practice would just be so much fun because we were always having fun, always laughing and having a great time, but also winning.

Q: What will you miss once you leave?

A: I’ll miss all my friends that I made in guard, how close I was to so many different girls from so many different aspects of life and how there’s just like no other bond that can replace that. 

Q: What have you learned about being in color guard? 

A: Being in guard has really taught me how to work with people, especially when they don’t want to do things how they’re supposed to and really working as a team, becoming an independent person and taking care of my business on my own.

Q: How have you changed since your freshman year and why? 

A: From my freshman year, I think I’ve become more outspoken than I already was. I think I’ve become way more independent and a better leader from being part of this organization. 

Q: Last message to your team. What do you want them to know? 

A: I just want them to know that I love them and they’re going to do great things in the future.