A Production Worth the Practice

Students react and remember 20 years of Lip Sync


Carson Lee, Editor-In-Chief

After 20 years of excellence, Rider’s theatre department presented its 2018 annual production of Lip Sync titled “Lip Sync XX: Songs of the Silver Screen” involving more than 60 students, 12 of which are directors.

Preparation began at the end of last year, leading into auditions, which were held the second week of school, and rehearsals began in late August, leading up to the show. For the performers, the production is about much more than just a show; it’s a chance for people who are not part of the theatre department to join.

Former theater teacher Paul Jefferson, who saw the Lip Sync production from its start, commented on the uniqueness of the idea of Lip Sync over the years.

“It is wonderful to see that this event continues to inspire interest from all over the school,” he said. “[The success of the show] means a lot and shows that the formula of students working with peer directors can work.”

Jefferson also mentioned some of his favorite aspects of a student led production.

“My favorite part was watching the kids being successful and learning to work with student directors,” he said. “They would show so much pride in their accomplishment.”

Senior Jason Gribble added to Jefferson’s thoughts about the production interesting people from the entire school, the reason behind the allure of new faces.

“We actually get a lot of people who participate to make new friends and be a part of this group,” Gribble said. “This was my second year in Lip Sync, and I wish I could’ve done it all four years.”

While many returning students assisted in the production, several new faces joined as well including senior Ashli Roberts, who was ready to try something new.

“I wanted to get involved and meet new people,” Roberts said. “I’m not in the theater crowd, so I thought it would be cool to be friends with them.”

As usual, the show included a “People’s Choice” award for the fan favorite lip sync. This year, the song “Time of Your Life” won, directed by Carson Hollingsworth.

While this year’s theme was based around hit movies, there have been many successful shows, including last year’s “Generation Y2K.”

From its original title of “Lip Syncing Like Crazy” to the tradition of excellence, the Lip Sync production has created countless memories on campus.