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Let’s Talk About Sex

Let's Talk About Sex

Victoria Hitchcock, Reporter

April 22, 2016

When the state of Texas cut the health requirement for high school students, they also took away any form of sex education at Rider, except for the few who choose to take health as an elective. At Rider, that’s 30 students a semester. Before the cut, students learned about Hot Topics, the abstinence...

Falls Fest Takes a Bow

Falls Fest takes center stage for the last time.

Cortney Wood, Co-Editor-In-Chief

September 24, 2015

Lucy Park has been fenced off and the posters and billboards have been hung all around town. Through the years, Falls Fest publicity chair Lindsay Greer has never gotten used to the 5 o’clock rush. She has been a part of Falls Fest for the last 12 years and loves when people pour into the park eager...

Freedom of Language, a Foundational Struggle

Juan Candia works in auto body at Carrigan

Juan Candia, Reporter

June 4, 2015

A man risked his life and gave up his dreams by crossing the border on February of ‘98. He left his family, friends, a job, even his car, to experience the wonderful American Dream. A woman risked her life two months later, crossing the border. She left her family and risked so much just to live an...

Unlicensed Speech

Unlicensed Speech

Abby Love, reporter

May 12, 2015

The Supreme Court decided it was Texas's right to deny making customized license plates that included an image of the Confederate flag for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. One of the reasons the state of Texas said they would not allow the license plate is because the flag is often viewed as a symbol ...

School Life Around The World

Aleksa Stankovic came to Rider this year from Serbia.

Aleksa Stankovic, Reporter

May 12, 2015

Every 1st of September my school year starts. It is always nice to see all the people you know and spend every day of every class with. That’s right. Unlike in America where you change your classes and classmates after every period, in Serbia you are with the same group of people for all four high school yea...

All-State Success

Photo by Brittni Coss

Jansen Roulliard, Reporter

March 4, 2014

Junior Kendall Chamberlain woke to someone shaking her shoulder. Her father was standing by her bed, practically bouncing with excitement, trying to shake her awake. In his hand, he held the daily issue of the newspaper. Wondering what was going on, Chamberlain stretched and rubbed her sleepy eyes....

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