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Rising to a New Challenge

Rising to a New Challenge

Abigail Fitchie, Reporter

April 2, 2019

A new face can be seen on the soccer field since as Britany Schmidt, a health science teacher steps up to take the role of head coach for the JVB Girl’s soccer team. She may be a coach, but she is also a teacher, wife, and mother all at once. “It’s a lot of work and it was more time consuming than I wa...

A Dream for Coaching

A Dream for Coaching

Amaya Spearman, Reporter

January 26, 2018

After fifteen years, a familiar face is returning to the soccer field at Rider High School.  While he was a leader as a player, now he is the leader as the new boys head coach. “Everyone has their dream job, but this is what I've always wanted to do,” Head Coach Dustin Holly said. Since wi...

Seniors Lead

Senior Greg Fiorentino plays against Old High on Jan. 29.

Chris Greenwood, Reporter

February 12, 2016

Boys soccer begins the 2016 year second in the district with high hopes to take first. Coach Joshua Hill has hopes “that there will be more highlights to come.” “My favorite thing about coaching this team is the relationship that I formed with the seniors,” Hill said. “This is their last...

Record Season

Teammates run onto the field after Peloquins buzzer beating goal

Shawn Kirkland, Reporter

March 31, 2015

Halfway through his Junior season Josh Peloquin has already broken the Rider High School Career Soccer Goals Record.The record was previously held by Rider alumni Christian Okeke with 72 career goals. Josh surpassed that with currently 79 goals. This isn’t the first big record Josh has broken either....

Soccer Boy’s Bond Leads To WIN

Photo by Anna Krzewinski

Shannon Pyle, Reporter

March 14, 2014

Sophomore Josh Peloquin follows the soccer ball with his eyes as it passes from defender to midfielder. Bending his knees, he readies himself. As a forward, it’s his sole job to make the goal; this is what his mind is focused on as the ball makes its way toward him. The ball passes through two of...

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