A Dream for Coaching

Dustin Holly returns to Rider as the Head Boys Soccer Coach

Amaya Spearman, Reporter

After fifteen years, a familiar face is returning to the soccer field at Rider High School.  While he was a leader as a player, now he is the leader as the new boys head coach.

“Everyone has their dream job, but this is what I’ve always wanted to do,” Head Coach Dustin Holly said.

Since winning the state championship during his sophomore year in 2000, he has always wanted to return to the field as a soccer coach.  Holly’s goal is to give the players the same sense of accomplishment and raw emotion he had when they won the gold.  In addition, he wants the athletes to feel that special bond players have when they are successful.

Since coming back to Rider, Holly has already made an impact on the team on both a mental and emotional level.  For example, Senior Blake Beasley debating quitting the team when challenges arose, but after remembering his love for the game, he couldn’t give up on his passion.

“Since he [Holly] has been at Rider, he’s been a father figure for me,” Beasley said. “Having a coach that inspires me not to quit and also be a leader in my life is something I’ve always loved, and Coach Holly is perfect for us.”  

Beasley isn’t the only one enjoying the change.  Several of the players explained how smooth the transition has been.  

“It’s been very easy to accept Coach Holly, especially when he explained how hard he’s going to fight for us. From that point on, this is the happiest I’ve been in Rider soccer,” Beasley said.

Not only has it been effortless for the Rider soccer program to welcome Coach Holly, it’s also very easy for him to feel accepted as the coach and leader.  This wasn’t something he was sure about since previously he was a girls soccer coach.  As Holly explained, the level of competitiveness is different and the style of coaching is different.  However, he is ready for the season.

“There’s been a change from last soccer season to this one, but it’s been a good change,” said Beasley. “We have to work a lot harder, but he’s really all about the program.”