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‘Gold Sealed’ Talent, Student Succeeds

Jenna Ward’s Gold Seal winning painting “Honor.”

Cortney Wood, Reporter

June 2, 2015

Junior Jenna Ward won the Gold Seal. Only 177 received the Distinguished Status and she was awarded the Gold Seal out of 28,000 pieces initially submitted. It is the highest honor a high school art student can receive and Jenna earned her spot amongst the best.

Students Advance In Art Competition; Rewarded With Bryan Trip

Students Advance In Art Competition; Rewarded With Bryan Trip

Montana Mooney, Staff Writer

May 1, 2012

Six students from the art department earned the chance to compete at the state level VASE art competition in Bryan, Texas. “It’s the largest art competition in the world,” art teacher Nancy Kizis said. “It’s an even playing field because Art 1 is compared to other Art 1 material, just like...

Display cabinets allow art students to show work

Ashleigh Robinson

March 29, 2011

The beginning of the main hall is tickled with artwork; paintings, drawings, and sculptures alike. The artwork pieces are tacked on the walls and displayed in a total of four cabinets, two built into the main hallway, and two just off the cafeteria entrance. The artwork sits above name tags of the...

Mice Found on Campus

Jordan Campagna

January 8, 2010

Instead of students and teachers being the only things in the school, this year, there are a few new visitors: mice. Deliese Nusser, Food and Nutrition Sciences teacher, doesn't have a problem with the mice. "The mice we've been seeing are adorable," Nusser said. "They just can't be in the kitchens....

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