Q/A with cross country standout Makenzi Renfro


Gabby Page/Rider Media

Makenzi Renfro represented Rider at the regional cross country meet earlier this week.

Meghan Helton, Reporter

It’s only Makenzi Renfro’s second year running cross country, but she’s still leaving an impressive mark on the sport. Running just a few days ago as Rider’s only delegate at regionals, Renfro finished with a time of 22:26.2 minutes and did not make state. 

After last week’s WFISD athletics luncheon at the CEC, The Rider Chronicle sat down with Renfro to discuss grades, expectations and baking. 

Q: How long have you been running?

A: Cross country, last year was actually my first year ever running. So, yeah, that was kind of crazy. But, then track, eighth or seventh grade year at McNiel. That was my first time ever running, too. 

Q: What’s it like being one of the top cross country runners at Rider?

A: To be honest, it’s kind of nerve-racking. I have to live up to expectations. Especially last year, making it to regionals and now this year, I’m glad that I actually made it to regionals this year. And beating my time since last district, it’s going to be kind of tough living up to expectations. 

Q: How does it feel to make regionals two years in a row as a sophomore?

A: Exciting. I know it’s kind of crazy to make it two years in a row, so I’m pretty proud of myself and I hope I just keep doing good. 

Q: What’s your best time this year and how did you achieve it?

A: I think I have a 20:38. To be honest with you, working every day. I’ve been pushing myself harder to try to make those times and even going out on the weekends by myself again and running on my own. 

Q: What would you say you’ve done better this year?

A: Last year, I would get super, super nervous and like psych myself out before I actually run. And this year, with the group of girls we have – which is a great group of girls – they kind of calm me down a little bit which helps me go out and run better. 

Q: I heard that you’re into baking, can you elaborate on that?

A: Yes, I am into baking. I have a business with my older sister, it’s called “Cups and Cakes.” We do customized cakes where you just kind of send in your order telling us what you want and we’ll create it for you. Any kind (of cake), any kind of decorations. We also do cheesecakes, pies, cookies. All sorts of little baked goods.

Q: How do you have enough time to balance so much?

A: See, I don’t know. Because I don’t have enough time, but somehow things get done. 

Q: Being a straight-A student, how do you balance track and your grades?

A: That’s where things get hard. Usually, a whole bunch of sleepless nights staying up until about one o’clock in the morning studying and getting things done. And just, overall, having to stay on it and making myself do stuff even when I don’t want to.