Virus Of The Year

Personal review of a new sequel.


Laila Almanza , Reporter

Directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, “Ralph Breaks The Internet” is a wholehearted movie with a flare of Disney reminiscence. I recently saw “Ralph Breaks The Internet” which opened in theatres November 21, 2018. After Ralph and Vanellope, played by John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman, save the arcade game “Sugar Rush,” returning Vanellope to her rightful place on the throne, I was anxious for the sequel.

Ralph Breaks The Internet” comes out six years after “Wreck It Ralph,” which also happens to be the timeframe in the current film. In “Ralph Breaks The Internet” when “Sugar Rush” is damaged, ironically a WiFi router is installed. Now they’re on a hunt to save Vanellope’s game for the second time, they must now encounter the struggles of the internet and all of its amenities.

With humorous dialogue such as the scene where Vanellope first meets our well known disney princesses, as well as the visual dynamics of the internet, it made “Ralph Breaks The Internet” a hit for all to see.

Although it had many good aspects such as humor, visual features, and lots more, the central storyline was lost at certain points in the movie, therefore, I suggest that you save your money and wait to see it when it comes out of theatres. Still, it is a heartwarming story and I recommend this movie to audiences of all ages.