Girls’ softball wins first game, eleven to zero

The Varsity Softball team won at their first district game last Monday against Little Elm with a final score of 11 against the Lobos’ 0.
“We were very confident going in,” junior Ashley Sissel said. “We knew we were ready, the Lobos aren’t the hardest team we’ll be facing this season.”
This is the team’s first game of the season, but there is already an air of confidence about them.
“We will go as far if not further than we did last time,” Sissel said.
And the girls have been practicing.
“Most of our girls play ball almost year round, improving their skills,” head coach Alisha Crouch said. “As a team we have really focused on speeding up our defense and hitting the ball to both sides of the field.”
The team is also coming into the season with largely veteran group.
“We have a lot of girls from last year returning,” Sissel said. “And most of us play the same positions we did last year, we’re more used to them.”
While optimistic about her team’s performance in the coming games, Sissel also acknowledges that no one can be sure what will happen.
“We all want to win, but none of us know what to expect,” Sissel said. “If we have one weakness it’s that we’re not always consistent from game to game.”
But every one of the players is ready to achieve this season
“The girls are very motivated this season to win the championship,” Crouch said. “In the post-season we’ve reached the Regional Quarterfinals, so we for sure feel like we will reach that stage again, but our eyes are on the big prize… the state tournament.”
The Raider softball team is currently 3-0.