Q/A with softball head coach Abby Bates


Rider Media

Coach Abby Bates discusses the start of the new season.

As things start to warm up in North Texas, softball teams are finally taking to the fields. Despite losing out on last year’s season, head coach Abby Bates has high expectations for this year’s team.

Q: How has the weather this past week affected your practices? 

A: It obviously hasn’t been the best weather, we didn’t get to practice at all. We practiced Saturday night, (but only) if they could make it depending on their situation with their house, power and weather. We didn’t get to practice and we missed a whole week of games, too. 

Q: Has last season’s abrupt ending changed the team’s mindset of playing this year? 

A: The team is very go-getter this year because they already know they don’t want to lose another season without giving it their all. They’re very focused and they’re ready to go. 

Q: What are your expectations for this season?

A: I have a lot of juniors and sophomores this year that have been with me for a few years now and I’m really excited to see them and their growth this season. I expect them to do very well in district and preseason.

Q: Who are some of your key returning players this year?

A: We have pitcher Piper Chandler, she’s a sophomore and a key player for us who can keep us in our game as long as possible. We have senior Kaitlin Anglin, she is a four-time starter for Rider and she’s going to be a key component for us too. 

Q: Who are some newcomers that you expect to make an impact on the team this season?

A: One of the main newcomers we have is Charlotte McNamara, she’s a freshman and she’ll play starting third base for us. She should be a very big component for us this season. 

Q: How will this season differ from previous ones? 

A: We have more experience this year. Like I stated, we have juniors in their third year on varsity, so their experience and mindset are all different this year.