Q/A with Rider students recently recovered from COVID-19

It’s no secret that Rider students have contracted COVID-19 since the reopening of schools as more than 20 students and staff have come down with the virus. As the cases hit an all-time high across parts of the nation, The Rider Chronicle (safely) sat down with two anonymous students to discuss their experiences with this deadly virus.

How did you testing positive affect your family and others around you? 

Student 1: Testing positive affected my family more than me. They couldn’t go to work or school for three weeks because of the quarantine rules. 

Student 2: When I tested positive, it was very hard on my family and friends. Many of my close friends were quarantined because of me and it seemed as if my positive test sealed our fate of not being able to return to school anytime soon. As for my family, it felt like life just stopped for weeks and I was very scared that I could have spread a deadly disease to the people I care about the most. 

How was your school-at-home experience? 

Student 1: School at home felt like listening to a prerecorded video. 

Student 2: My school-at-home experience wasn’t as bad as I thought. I really missed seeing all of my classmates and being in school, but I was pretty productive and kept up with all of my school work. 

How do you think you came in contact with the virus? 

Student 1: If I had to guess, probably hanging out with my friends. 

Student 2: I was one of the most careful people I know when it comes to coronavirus. I stayed home and missed events all summer. I don’t even go to the grocery store. But I wanted to have this one night of fun with my friends and not worry about the virus. Many of my friends and I were with each other without a mask for several hours and one of the kids there tested positive a few days later. Luckily, I am the only person there that caught COVID, but I’m positive that this is where I got the virus. 

What was the worst part of having COVID? 

Student 1: The worst part was losing my sense of taste. I couldn’t taste anything.

Student 2: The worst part of having the virus was endangering the lives of people I care about and members of my family being hospitalized and how it was my poor decisions that got us there. I also felt terrible about missing things I had looked forward to for the past years and causing my friends to miss those important milestones too. 

What extra precautions, if any, will you be taking after contracting the virus? 

Student 1: I’ve started staying away from people who don’t wear their masks properly. It’s more of a precaution, but I still do it. 

Student 2: I will definitely always be wearing my mask and speaking about my experience and the pain it caused my family to encourage others to do the same. Wear a mask and stay distanced if possible. 

Overall, how was your COVID experience?

Student 1: COVID was horrible. I wouldn’t wish it on someone I hated. 

Student 2: My COVID experience was miserable. Quite possibly three of the worst weeks of my life. I hope no one ever has to go through what I went through.