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Spring Has Sprung

Kaitlyn Dunlap dissecting a mink.

Sheridan Allen, Reporter/ Photographer

March 9, 2020

It’s been a hectic last couple of weeks with many sports and academic events in full swing. Here are some pictures highlighting that.

Taking center stage

The Lion King has three shows this weekend and ends the following weekend.

Sandra Le, Reporter

March 5, 2020

Within the crowded halls of the school, sophomore Londi Reid is an average, everyday 16 year old. But under the lights of the Wichita and Backdoor Theatres, Reid is a well-known performer.  Reid, who is currently playing Nala in the Wichita Theatre’s production of The Lion King, began acting o...

A Weekend Away

Third row: Colby Thompson, Alex Zeizinger, Anthony Bucag, Joey McGinn, Katie McGinn, Garrett Hankins, Pranav Kamath, Patrick Klingler, Cameron Sonsini, Emily Frerich, Kristy Holcomb.
Second row: Kobie Lunsford, Makayla Schnaufer, Jeanna Ayres, Dane Case, Alexis Morrison, Carolyn Messer, Bonnie Lambert, Alen Salas, Gage Grace, Connor Syptak, Tiffany Thoes.
First row: Trisha Nicolas, Miranda Darne, Cortney Wood, Emily Carroll, Kiersten Scott, Elleana Majdinasab, Matthew Hafen, Shae Dorsman, Tori Chaney, Madelynn Castro, Jakob Esquibel, Claire Apple, Evagelia Economo.

Makayla Schnaufer, Reporter

May 12, 2015

The bus stops at the curb and students and chaperons quickly climb out, taking everything from pillows and blankets to textbooks and pencils into the school with them. While some of the students start studying for their events, others chat with their friends and a few even start up some games trying...

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