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Photo attributed by Travis Christoff

Political Position

Junior Experiences a White House Internship
Mandy Huynh, Reporter March 7, 2019

1500 miles away from his family, junior Travis Christoff stood in Washington D.C as a page for the senator when President Donald Trump walked over to him to chat. “The President talked to us for...

Amanda Mann working at her desk.

A New Face on Campus

Get to know our newest assistant principal
Mandy Huynh, Reporter February 22, 2019

Our newest assistant principal, Amanda Mann chose to make the move here when she got some advice about her life from a friend. “One of them said we should make the life we want to live.  So, I decided...

Sophomore Alex Preston and Jason Tran work on their chromebooks.

Students Connect Through Innovative New Program

Mandy Huynh and Sheridan Allen October 22, 2018

AP Capstone is a two year program that’s only offered at 1500 hundred schools in the U.S. Currently, Rider is the only school offering it in the whole district. The first year of the program is called...

Modding the Game

Change can't be immediate.
Jacob H. Wooten, Reporter, Website Manager March 23, 2017

Changing America’s education cannot be done easily or quickly. Change takes time and commitment. The Human Right of Education is stated in Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, drafted...

Playing the Game

Some glitches in America's education.
Jacob H. Wooten, Reporter, Website Manager March 23, 2017

America’s education is based on a market-logic with many glitches. An “input-output” relationship that focuses on student’s accountability for colleges; representing and advertising the college...

Redesigning the Game

2015 Bond provides WFISD with new Career Center.
Jacob H. Wooten, Reporter, Website Manager March 23, 2017

A set of new front doors, chromebooks in orange boxes, new parking lot at Memorial Stadium and additional building to Junior Highs. All this change originates from WFISD’s 2015 Bond, passed with a 57.82-percent...

Hacking the Game

History is being ignored.
Jacob H. Wooten, Reporter, Website Manager March 23, 2017

Education is like a game except in the long run, the game becomes life. It’s a tricky game to play as students play their cards to receive the highest benefits. Every student has their strengths and...

Blueprints To Classroom Success

Jansen Roulliard, Reporter April 2, 2014

Freshman Hailey Harrison dodges the bulging backpack of the student in front of her and hurries to her next class. Weaving in and out of slow-moving students like a skilled veteran, she has become used...

Education Crisis: Professors say students unprepared

Education Crisis: Professors say students unprepared

November 7, 2011

The decline of US education is a major topic of debate and conversation among politicians, students and citizens alike. Professors say the issues come from multiple sources. Statistics From Programme...

Kenyan Student Says Education Systems Different

Sheby Ross March 4, 2010

This was it. After being in the US for a few short weeks, the first day of the new semester was here. Nervousness and excitement built up—this was a nightmare in his eyes. "Life in the US is a...

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