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A ‘Major’ Change

A 'Major' Change

Chris Greenwood, Co-Chief Editor

February 1, 2017

Most days, Senior Army Instructor Robert Smith doesn't just step into his car and spend 20 minutes travelling to work. He spends about one and a half hours and crosses a state border to teach his classes. "I started getting information on JROTC about 2 years before my retirement and always, in some...

The Ones Who Choose To Serve

Photo by Kylie Dougherty

Megan Jones, Reporter

March 14, 2014

“I’d always wanted to join as a kid, but it just kind of faded away as I began high school,” senior Domingo Losoya said. “But maybe a year ago it came back that this is what I wanted to do.” He, like many others has made the commitment and signed a contract, one that promises the next eight...

JROTC Selling Drinks in 159A


September 14, 2010

JROTC has been know to sell drinks after school, but now that Col. Kuhl sees how much money he's losing, he has decided to end the drink selling once the last drinks are gone. "At first we realized how high the vending machine prices were, then we decided to have drinks for the kids after practicing,...

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