Q/A with state powerlifting qualifier Natasha Cruz


Laila Almanza/Rider Media

Natasha Cruz is looking to bring home a medal at the state powerlifting meet this week.

In her first year of powerlifting, sophomore Natasha Cruz has lifted up this season by qualifying for state and setting a new school record. She will be vying for a state title this week in Corpus Christi. 

Cruz sat down with the Rider Chronicle to discuss her feelings, motivation, the challenges of sports transitions and her favorite lift. 

Q: How did you get into lifting? 

A: I first got into lifting because of my sister. She has always wanted to lose weight, so she started lifting and I saw how much progress she made from that. I also wanted to do it with her. 

Q: Did you lift last year? 

A: No, I did not lift last year. This is my first year lifting.

Q: How do you feel about going to state? 

A: I feel excited, but also nervous. I feel like I’ve worked hard for where I am going to, but also I feel like I’m not fully prepared for it.

Q: What does it mean for you to break a school record?

A: For me it means an achievement. For my first year, I feel achieved with how much I have worked on it.

Q: Who/what is your motivation? 

A: My motivation is my sister and my brother. I like watching them work out and seeing how much love and passion that has grown from it. I just want that love and passion too, and I feel like it’s affecting me now.

Q: What is your favorite sport you do and why?

A: My favorite sport is powerlifting because of how much of a family we have grown from it. The first day, I didn’t know anyone and everyone was so nice. I feel like we have grown into a small family.

Q: Was the transition difficult going from basketball to powerlifting?

A: The transition was very difficult. I had to deal with games, figuring out what day I could go to practice, and figuring out what days would work better for me and coach (Bill) Davison. 

Q: What’s your favorite lift and why? 

A: My favorite lift is squat. I feel like that’s my strongest lift and I just enjoy working on it.