Senior baseball players excited for new season


Evie Parks/Rider Media

Ranse Radtke is one of five seniors ready to take the field for the 2021 Raiders.

Olivia Davenport, Staff Writer

No team sport was affected by last year’s COVID shutdown more than baseball, which didn’t even get a chance to start district. 

That disappointing ending has given this year’s seniors at Rider a sense of urgency and excitement as they begin the 2021 season Thursday. The Rider Chronicle spoke with this year’s five seniors — Devin Murray, Ethan Eskew, Ranse Radtke, Maison Greer and Brennan Campbell — to see how they feel about the upcoming season. 

How do you feel about the new district?

Murray: I feel like it’s easier this year. It’ll take more work but I feel like we can do it.

Eskew: I don’t feel like it’s tougher, but I feel like we have more competition.

Radtke: Honestly, I think it’s good for us. We have tougher opponents than we did last year.

Greer: I feel like it’s different. We have better teams to compete with in a way.

Campbell: It’s gonna be a new challenge.

How do you feel this season is important, regarding last season getting cut short?

Murray: I feel like this season we have to work harder because we didn’t have as much work last year. So it’s definitely gonna be harder but it’s worth it.

Eskew: I feel like recruitment wise it’s very important because we didn’t have a usual four years like most senior wise. So recruitment wise, it’s big and then just senior year.

Radtke: I think it’s really important just because we will actually be able to play and not just have 10 or 13 games and then be done.

Greer: I feel like this season will (reflect) how last season was going to be. It will be a good idea of how it would’ve been.

Campbell: It’s something we want to prove to other people that we are going to come back and be better.

Do you think the season will proceed all the way?

Murray: Yes.

Eskew: I expect it to, especially since basketball is finishing, football and volleyball finished and every sport has finished so I expect to finish.

Radtke: I hope it does, I think it will.

Greer: I hope we get to play all the way through. I think if everyone follows the right protocols that we will.

Campbell: I hope, it better

Are you playing college baseball? If so, where and how are you feeling about that?

Murray: I don’t know yet, it depends on the season and if I get offers or not.

Eskew: The plan is to play college baseball. I don’t know where yet, but I am ready.

Radtke: Yes, I am. I have not decided yet but I will be deciding shortly.

Greer: I don’t plan on it, but if the opportunity were to come up I would take it.

Campbell: Yes, I’m playing at Seminole State College. It’s gonna be difficult to change from high school to college.

What’s your favorite memory?

Murray: Staying at the hotels.

Eskew: The fun we have as a team.

Radtke: Showing up everyday and not just working but having fun.

Greer: The hotel room last year.

Campbell: For sure bus rides and hotel rooms.

What’s your message to the following classes?

Murray: Don’t take it for granted.

Eskew: Be ready to work.

Radtke: Work and have fun. Enjoy it while you can.

Greer: Work hard because you don’t know when it’s going to end.

Campbell: Time really does fly, I’m not even gonna cap.


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