New Team Sets High Goals


Maddie Box, Reporter

As the stress of a new school year begins, so does the Varsity volleyball season. With a new coach, new players, and a new perspective on “team unity,” the 2012-2013 varsity volleyball team is looking forward to a great season.

“Team dinners really help with team unity,” Senior Co-Captain, Peyton Stivers, said. “We like doing things together, whether it be eating or just hanging out. There aren’t two people doing this and two people doing that. Everyone is included.”

While unity is the focus, when it comes to practice, there is definitely some friendly competition.”

“We scream across the net,” Stivers said.

The most vital part of volleyball is talking. When the Varsity volleyball girls play together, they aren’t just a team, they are a family. They encourage each other constantly and support each other through triumphant wins and tough losses.

The girls on the team are not the only people who cheer each other on.

“Fans make a huge difference,” Senior Co-Captain Taylor Caswell said. “They make us want to make them and Coach Humpert proud.”

Stivers said that a new coach, positive attitudes, playing as a team, and a more active offense has contributed to them winning.

One of their goals this season is to beat Byron Nelson. Besides the obvious rivalry with Old High, Byron Nelson will be tough competition.

“Right now we are tied for first in district,” Caswell said. “If we beat them, we will be first.”

The girls have been working hard on the court and in the weight room (Mondays and Wednesdays are devoted to strength and conditioning), to prove themselves this year.

With the encouragement from the fans and Head Coach Alysha Humpert, the team feels they will achieve their goal of making it far into the playoffs.

“Coach Humpert has helped me become a better hitter by helping me with my timing,” Stivers said. “She is just really active and gets excited with us. I want Rider to know that we will rebound from a not so good season last year. We want to go really far in playoffs and hopefully go to state.