Rider Softball In Playoffs; Softball Currently In Round Two Of Games, Doing Well

After a shut out season and run ruling all teams except one the Rider softball team earned a spot in the playoffs and won District Champs.
Softball head coach Alisha Crouch says winning district this year shutting out all teams felt great.
“It’s feels awesome! We’ve had chances to win district in the past and fell just short against some good teams,” Crouch said. “This year we lived up to the hype and took care of business like we are able to and the result was a perfect 12-0 in district.”
After four years of going the playoffs Crouch is looking to make it further than the regional quarter finals this year.
“Every trip to the playoffs is significant, but this is our fourth year in a row and every player on our team has now been to the playoffs,” Crouch said. “Our goals are no longer to just make it to the playoffs, but to advance farther than the Regional Quarterfinals.”
The momentum to win the playoffs this year is high because of a walk off loss from last year.
“They are very similar because we have mostly the same team back,” Crouch said. “The only difference is last year we lost 7-6 on a walk off single to Canyon Randall and we’ve been holding a grudge against them ever since.”
The loss last year to Randall has given the team a lot more motivation.
“To lose in the last inning in the third game of a very close series is extremely emotional,” Crouch said. “It’s not something you forget easily, and these girls are very motivated to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
Crouch says coaching this team is mostly ups.
“Every season has its ups and downs but this season has been mostly ups. I have a lot of returning starters and we know each other very well,” Crouch said. “So it makes for a lot laughs together but we also understand each other and what is expected of the team and for the season.”
Run ruling Denton Ryan has been a highlight of the season.
“They’ve been at the top of the district for years, “ Crouch said. “And it was so satisfying to bring them down.”