Baseball Ready To Roll

Baseball Ready To Roll

Monica Mathieu

With a record of 29-5 the baseball team finds itself state ranked in 10th place and in the regional play-offs under direction of head coach Scot Green.

“I feel the guys have done extremely well (this year),” Coach Green said. “They have put in a lot of time and effort in the off-season and it has paid off.”

Members of the team feel that they have made it this far because of how well they get along.

“One of the things that helps a lot is (that) we have a strong bond on the team with the players and coaches,” sophomore Jordan McQuerry said.

Of course, the team members have had some minor friction between them.

“We have our troubles, but at the end of the day we have each others’ backs,” senior Connor Brown said.

Some team members are getting a little nostalgic looking back on this season.

“My favorite moment would have been when we found out we were district champs and when we crushed Old High,” McQuerry said.

However, not all moments can be good ones, and most of the team agrees on the worst moment of the season.

“Probably the most disappointing (moment) was losing to Lake Dallas,” Coach Green said.

Lake Dallas was one of the few blemishes on the team’s record this year.

“Losing to Lake Dallas in extra innings (was the worst thing),” Brown said.

Despite the road bump that is Lake Dallas, the team is very optimistic for playoffs.

“I feel that if we play our game that no one can beat us, but we’re taking them (the games) one by one and play by play, and only 200 feet in front of us,” McQuerry said.

Jordan is not alone in his positive outlook.

“We have had many good games,” Coach Green said. “I think we put a good product on the field and represent our school well.”

All in all, the team is ready for playoffs.

“(We have done) very well, but it ain’t over yet,” Brown said.