Reality of a teenage driver


Sheridan Allen

Sidney’s car without the green cowboy hat but don’t worry it’s still in there.

Sidney Lott, Staff Writer

I got my license a little over a month ago. Driving is really fun, unless you’re being told to pick up and take people places. Getting your license is like unlocking a new freedom. Your new freedom let’s you decide where you want to go and what you want to do.

Honestly getting my car was a surprise no one saw coming. My dad just picked me up from school one day in a Chevrolet Equinox. And told me to drive home.

The driver’s license test is really easy, but scary because no one ever wants to fail. I almost didn’t pass because the instructor did not like me switching lanes even though she told me I needed to take a right. The instructor said my parallel parking was on point. Honestly I never learned how to park, but I’m kind of surprised at the end of the test I pulled into a spot well. Make sure you have all the paperwork done before heading out to the DPS, because there is a lot of stuff.

Driving to and from school is not bad, getting out of the Rider parking lot is. Driving around and going places with friends is fun, but when you’re the one driving and using your gas, it’s not the best. You only live once so it doesn’t really matter. Once I started driving I wanted to go everywhere. Anytime I had the chance to drive somewhere, I wanted to. Now it isn’t as new and exciting anymore.

I don’t know if it is just me, but everytime someone is riding with me, something happens. I’m not the best at watching my speed, but it is kind of hard to do two things at once.

I can never keep my car clean. There are always water bottles, a green cowboy hat or grass in the backseat. You never know when you’ll need a green cowboy hat. At least the outside of my car isn’t dirty enough for people to draw on it. Honestly my best advice is to keep your car clean and keep food out of it.

I think everyone should get some type of extra sound in their car. I have two 12-inch subs in the back of my car. So basically whoever is riding in my backseat is getting a free back massage.