Top 5 Deadline Life Savers

Top 5 Deadline Life Savers

It’s December, so in yearbook land, that means one thing: DEADLINE! The monster deadline. The 100+ pages due before the final bell rings to release us for the winter break. We know we’re not the only ones in the whirl of deadline craziness, but we’ve developed a recipe that leads to surefire success when it comes to the nerve collision that takes place when you’re responsible for a million projects that require the assistance of hundreds of others.

Want to know our secrets? Read on:


5 Handy Dandy Mac

5. The fifth secret to Deadline Dreaminess: Your Handy Dandy Mac. Okay, a non-Mac could work, maybe, in a different world, we think. We only speak Mac though, so yeah. Go Mac. You save our lives.


4 Coffee4. The fourth secret to Deadline Dreaminess: Coffee. Preferably Starbucks. (Remember get 12 and the next one’s free!) Energy drinks are NOT coffee. DO. NOT. USE. ENERGY. DRINKS.


3 lenore3. The third secret to Deadline Dreaminess: A Mascot. We prefer penguins. This is Lenore. Enough Said.



2 chocolate2. The second secret to Deadline Dreaminess (brought to you by alliteration): CHOCOLATE. Any kind. Always.



And finally, the No. 1 secret to Deadline Dreaminess….and this one is our super secret. We didn’t understand until this year how amazing, wonderful, fantastic, incredible stress relieving this is. It’s truly changed our lives…..

1 play-dohPLAY-DOH. It’s cheap, it’s fun, it’s easy to clean up. You can create a world with Play-Doh or just hold it or punch it or roll it or press it…whatever. Doesn’t matter. Play-Doh is the Deadline Dreaminess Miracle Worker. Get some now.