Exchanging Perspectives: Goodbye


My exchange journey is coming to an end, and I have really mixed emotions about this. On one hand I am super excited to see all my family and friends again, but on the other hand I am extremely sad to say goodbye to all my friends here. I have had such an amazing time here in Wichita Falls, which has genuinely changed my life. I have made many friends and memories that will last a lifetime, and I am so thankful I was able to experience this amazing journey.

The past ten months have been a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs but I wouldn’t change any of them. It has enabled me to grow as a person and get a glimpse into the ‘real’ American life.

I have made myself a scrapbook while being here, and it will be a keepsake that I can hold onto forever. It is filled with photos of my host family as well as all my friends.

It is going to be hard to say goodbye, but I think that when I finally land and see my family for the first time in ten and a half months it will be worth the tears. I am really looking forward to seeing them all. When I left Australia my 13 year old brother was the same height as me, 5’3’’, and now he is 5’11’’! My sister Snapchat’s me photos of him occasionally, but it is still hard to process that he has grown up so much since I have been gone. I think I will have to see it with my own two eyes to actually believe it.

I plan on coming back to Wichita Falls around Christmas next year with my family. I want them to see all that I have experienced while I have been here. I cannot wait to show them around town, through Rider but most of all to a Rider football game. They don’t understand American football very well, but I’m sure they could pick it up pretty quickly.

Tomorrow at 1:55 p.m. I will be boarding my plane. I don’t even want to imagine how hard it is going to be, but I just have to keep in mind that it’s not a goodbye but a see you later. I will be back to visit as soon as possible.