Exchanging Perspectives Part 1


When I first found out I had a host family I was over the moon, and then I found out they lived in Texas. I was originally very hesitant but I decided to stay open minded and say yes, which was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made!
Texas is nothing like I originally imagined. For some unknown reason I thought it was all desert with tumble weeds and cactus everywhere, and mostly small western towns, similar to the Stock Yards. Although it is pretty dry here, due to the drought, it is still completely different from my initial ideas. I also thought school was going to be like the movies, have cute decorated lockers, stand around in the hallways chatting to friends and wearing whatever I wanted to school, but once again I was wrong.
Although my ideas of Texas were completely mistaken I have been having a blast here. I arrived Jan. 3, 2014. Let me tell you, 29 hours of traveling non-stop is not easy! I began school at Rider a few days later, after I somewhat overcame my jet-lag and I started to immerse in the American culture.
At first, I noticed small things, for example, I called the “trash” “rubbish” and the “bathroom” the “toilet”. It was quite funny when people would second-guess what I just had just said to them.
During my time here I have been given so many great opportunities, for example, visiting Oklahoma City and Dallas, traveling to South Padre Island for vacation and joining the Raiderettes.
I love being on the dance team so much. It is a lot of work but all worth it when I see everyone cheering for us at pep rallies and football games. I really love sports and am slowly starting to understand American football. In the beginning it was really confusing as I was used to Australian Rules Football, however, now I can actually follow along with what is happening.
I have now been here in Texas for just over nine months and am loving every single minute of it.