ARGO, Educational And Entertaining


Kiersten Scott, Reporter

Argo is a movie worth cajoling your parents to see. Set during the Iranian Revolution, this movie is based on an actual C.I.A. mission that took place. The movie covers the Iranian hostage crisis, or more specifically the 6 hostages that escaped the U.S. embassy that was captured by the Iranian people asking for the U.S. release of their former Shah, or emperor, to Iran, and the C.I.A. mission to get hostages out. Tony Mendez, played by Ben Affleck, is a C.I.A. operative that suggests that the best cover would be to make a fake sci-fi movie coincidentally called Argo. Since the actual mission invoked a fake movie, Argo offers not only a historical C.I.A. drama, but a Hollywood comedy. Argo offers a more dramatized take on a vaguely remembered historical event, which should be enough for parental permission.

There are reasons that Argo is rated-R. First of all, as in most stressful adult situations, there is a hefty amount of cussing, as well as some violence. But as high school students most of the student body is subjected to cursing on a daily basis. As far as violence, Argo is tame, especially compared modern video games or horror movies.

As always, whether a student should be permitted to see this movie is up to the parents or guardians. However Argo is an outstanding movie that I recommend for parents and students to attend together for educational and entertainment purposes.