Lovely Bones Strikes a Chord

Emma White

This book is amazing. It is awesomely narrated by a girl trying help her family, from the “in-between” of life and death, to cope with her murder, while she tries to deal with it herself. From the horrific violence of the crime scene and the grief, to the redeeming hope of finding the truth, The Lovely Bones is a whirlwind journey to the emotional depths of people everywhere.
The take on life Susie Salmon, the murdered girl, has is stirring. It’s told in a point of view from a person who isn’t really there, and the omniscience she brings reveals how blind people on earth really are. Their scope of life is severely limited, which makes the reader want to cry and yell at the people and tell them everything you know. It makes you feel the way Susie does: stuck.
This book truly contains a wrenching story. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who is willing to deal with mature subjects, as it IS about a girl who has been raped and murdered. I commend the author Alice Sebold. Once you have read the book, be sure to see the movie, directed by Peter Jackson. There are certainly changes, as any book adaptation will have, but it brought me to tears, as did the book.