Lip Synch delivers strong performance

Danielle Adams

Lip Synch, an 11-year tradition held only by Rider, once again brought down the house on three separate occasions with its mix of intense and emotional pieces.

Though one would expect every song in Lip Synch to exceed expectations, some fell flat and left me searching for the point of that torturing and pointless three minutes. One of these agonizing songs was “Pink Ego Box”, introduced as an Alice in Wonderland take. It turned to be a poorly choreographed chaos of people. The song didn’t hold true to its Alice in Wonderland homage, having random cast members dancing oddly and others flipping through the aisles created a twisted and confusing roller coaster ride that I couldn’t wait to stop.

Though the next song I couldn’t comprehend wasn’t quite the same level of agony, “Paint It Black” seemed to be a song quickly thrown together without a true point to draw the viewer in. I had to make myself pay attention as I searched for how this song made it past Jefferson’s eagle eye. The answer to that question is still left unanswered.

After hearing to worst of the night, we must now step through that mess and look at the highlights of the night. “Gold Lion”, a song about the strength of women and how they took their own lives out of the men’s control and became their own people. I greatly enjoyed, not only the song, but also the storyline.

Another great song was “Blue Lips”, an interesting song with many biblical and worldly allusions that lured in the audience and left me wanting more.

The final favorite of the night was “White Houses”, a song every teenage girl can easily relate to with a storyline of one’s first love and one’s first mistake with a boy. It would bring tears to anyone’s eyes as they feel for the girl who lost it all and joy with a hint of menace for the girl who got it all.

Lip Synch will always bring a full spectrum of emotions to every audience member and will forever remain one of Rider’s most loved and anticipated traditions.