Underground Dressup Days Destroy Tradition

Kelsi Kotulan

A group of students at Rider decided to hold a top-secret meeting to come up with alternative dress up days than the ones that the cheerleaders already came up with to give the students more of a variety. For example, instead of dressing like a cowboy for Roundup, the underground idea was to dress up like Indians so our school would be filled with cowboys and Indians. However, this creative idea comes with some disadvantages. This year, only a small amount of students dress up because they are never positive of what the dress up day is. They don’t want to come to the school dressed up in all camo, when everyone else is dressed up as a superhero, or vice versa. Also, the underground dress up day, ‘pimp the hoes’ is not exactly school appropriate. Although some students prefer the underground dress up days, I would suggest that next year, students should just give the cheerleaders suggestions on what they think the dress up days should be. Underground dress up days are limiting participation and changing tradition, they really need to stop.