STAAR Results No Longer Part Of Exam Exemptions


A high school student may opt out of semester exams if his grades and attendance records meet the district’s current standards WFISD said in a news release. This year’s prerequisites are on a class by class basis and do not depend on passing state assessments.

Many students are exhilarated that the state tests will not determine their “final” fate.

“I think it is really awesome,” senior Tre Canada said. “It always frustrated me that even though someone could do good in a class, if they failed the EOC they would have to take finals. The new rule actually gives students a chance to prove themselves.”

According to WFISD’s new semester exam policy for 2014-2015, students don’t have to make an 80 or above in a class to be considered exempt. In fact, Students can make a 70, have zero absences, and still be exempt from final exams.

“I still believe that absences shouldn’t matter,” senior Patience Flores said. “If you can make the grade and understand the material then that’s all that should matter.”