Mu Alpha Theta: It’s Not All About Math

Alyssa Matthews, Reporter

The National Math Honor Society is preparing for another year full of community service and volunteerism.

“A lot of people think all we do it sit around and solve math problems.” sponsor Lydia Coyle said. “We actually do numerous events such as donating cans to Interfaith Ministries, filling shoeboxes with presents for less fortunate children, and Teens Make A Difference.”

The Society will meet once every 6-9 weeks. Requirements for Mu Alpha Theta are a 4.0 in the prospective member’s math class, and two teacher recommendations.

“It’s very fun.” senior Vy Nguyen said. “Overall I enjoyed the shoebox project the most. It looks really good on any resume, and I like the Greek symbols. It looks so official.”

The 2014-2015 officers of the group are: President Lauren Barnett, Co-VP Colby Thompson, Co-VP Olivia Thacker, and Secretary Sara Sorge.