A family united… in teaching



All 3 Chamberlains have made Rider their home this year.

Years ago, Connor Chamberlain was inspired by his parents, who were teachers, to get into education.

Now, it’s come full circle- as this year Chamberlain is teaching with both of his parents at his Alma Mater, Rider.

“My parents are part of the reason that I got into teaching in the first place,” Connor Chamberlain said. “Just seeing what they were able to do for kids throughout the years really inspired me to want to be a teacher and a coach”

Getting a chance to teach at the high school he graduated from is something that Chamberlain was very much looking forward to

“When I knew I was coming to Rider, I was super excited because I loved all my four years playing basketball here and had some great teachers here,” Chamberlain said. ”And I thought it would be nice to work with my parents as well”

When Connor was getting into education, his father Todd Chamberlain was initially conflicted on the choice of career path

“Well, at first I was looking at what the state of teaching is like, and thinking he should go another route. But my wife and I have been teachers for a long time,” Todd said. “He wanted to coach, and I know he’d be a good teacher. So we just said, you do what you think is best, and he chose to be a teacher. So far it’s worked out really well for him.”

Despite Todd’s hesitation, his wife Kristi Chamberlain was much more positive on Connor getting into education from the beginning.

“I was happy about him getting into education. I feel like he’s a good example for the young men of today,” Kristi said. “Some people are discouraging education nowadays, but I felt like it would be a good thing for him to pursue.”

Connor didn’t go into college planning on becoming a teacher in the future however, he initially majored in mathematics before realizing how he planned to utilize that degree by getting a minor in education. 

The Chamberlains teach a wide variety of subjects, Todd teaches U.S. History, Kristi teaches English I, and now their son teaches Algebra I. Connor’s past experiences with math teachers are what encouraged him to pursue mathematics.

“Math has always been my strong suite,” Connor said. “And I was lucky enough to have some great math teachers throughout the years that really inspired me to want to teach math.”

Connor isn’t just teaching math at Rider, he’s also an assistant volleyball and girls basketball coach, working under his father. Todd was always very confident in his son’s coaching abilities.

“I knew he was gonna be a good coach, because he understands the game and knows how to handle the team,” Todd said. “He knows what he wants to get done, but he also knows how to treat kids the right way and make sure everybody feels part of what’s going on.”

Todd’s confidence wasn’t without basis, he had been helping coaching his son back when Connor was at Rider in 2016

“Coaching with him has been fun. When he played (during high school) I was the assistant coach at the boys side at the time,” Todd said. “Now that he’s my assistant. We run the same things, and we both think the same way basketball wise.”

Connor has really enjoyed getting to work around his parents and inspiration for going into education.

“It’s been great working with my parents. It is just nice seeing them around, and has been really reassuring.”