Tina Majdinasab is the only student in North Texas to receive the Impact Scholarship.

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Majdinasab receives $48K scholarship

April 21, 2022

“We actually know everything about you.”

Senior Tina Majdinasab didn’t expect much when she submitted her regular decision application to the University of Texas at Austin (UT). She completed all of her college applications with hopes of receiving at least a small amount of financial aid to get her through school.

It was a normal Thursday when college and career counselor Julie Johnson pulled Majdinasab out of her guitar class. “A UT representative wants to speak with you,” Johnson said while repeating that she had no idea what it would be about. 

Three UT admission personnel were waiting for her on a Zoom call in Johnson’s office. After countless questions about her major and future college decisions, Majdinasab was surprised when Dr. Cody Blair and Rider administrators entered the office. 

That is when she found out she’d receive a $48,000 scholarship to UT that would lift a large burden.

 “I immediately jumped out of the chair and started crying,” Majdinasab said. “I literally could not believe it and I was in such a state of shock.”

The Impact Scholarship awards $12,000 per year (over the course of four years) to incoming high potential students at UT who have demonstrated leadership, perseverance and a commitment to their community. No application is required, and students are chosen based on information included in their college applications. 

Majdinasab is the only student in North Texas to receive this award. 

Through her work and dedication to Teen Court and the Junior Bar Association, Majdinasab had made a great impact on her community, and the representatives sought to ensure her admission to UT with the Impact Scholarship. 

“Outside of shock, one of the first emotions I felt was relief. Throughout the past year, I was stressed about how I was going to handle all of the debt after I’m done with school,” Majdinasab said. “After all, I do want to attend law school, so I was worried about how much debt I would accumulate by my early 20s. This scholarship is such a great help and took off a huge weight from my shoulders. The Impact scholarship, along with the UT Award which is nearly an additional $5,500 per semester, allows me to graduate almost debt-free.”

Majdinasab wouldn’t have received the scholarship without her “fiercest” supporter. Myra Weeks was the teen court coordinator, and her influence furthered Majdinasab’s passion for legislation. Weeks passed away shortly before Majdinasab was awarded the scholarship. 

“The fact that I got the scholarship two weeks after her death was surreal because right before they were about to surprise me with the scholarship, the UT representatives were talking about my work with Teen Court,” Majdinasab said “She would always support and encourage me in all of my endeavors and I know she would be proud, which gives me comfort. 

“I was grieving her death, and to get this scholarship reminded me of how much of an impact she left on me and the community. I aspire to leave as much of an impact as she did.”

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