Virtual Volunteer Opportunities


With many places closed because of the pandemic, doing everything virtual has become a societal norm.

Going to school, shopping, and visiting with friends and family are now dictated by COVID precautions. But what about volunteerism? Many organizations offer online alternatives for you to serve others, even in just the smallest ways. Use these 10 virtual volunteer websites to start making a difference, all from the comfort of your home.  


  1. Catchafire

“Catchafire” is a volunteer website that focuses mainly on helping nonprofit organizations find the perfect match for the posted job. It has you set up an account and tell about the things you like to do or are good at, no experience necessary. It then matches you with your project, whether it’s short or long-term.  


  1. Translators without Borders

Are you fluent in another language? If so, “Translators without Borders” would be a great match for you. You can translate medical texts or help with communication between two people who do not speak the same language. 


  1. Teens Give

“Teens Give” is a program where you can tutor younger children or teens. It helps them learn in areas they may struggle with, while also giving you teaching experience. 


  1. Bookshare

“Bookshare” allows you to scan old books and let other people read them, similar to a digital library. There is also an option to proofread them, so if you love reading, this is perfect for you. 


  1. Be My Eyes

“Be My Eyes” is only available for volunteers who are 18 years and older. You get a video call from someone who can’t see and you help them with tasks such as reading labels and looking at directions. It helps them live a close to normal life without having to rely heavily on someone else.


  1. Adopt A Nursing Home

“Adopt a Nursing Home” lets you become a pen pal with a staff member or a resident. This can be extremely beneficial because they cannot have any visitors during these hard times. Having someone to talk to can boost their morale and make their days better. 


  1. Best Buddies

“Best Buddies” is a program that allows you to become a penpal with someone who has a mental disability. You send them letters and gifts once a week and get to know them. It’s a great way to expand your social skills.


  1. Adopt a Grandparent

“Adopt a Grandparent” is a program that was founded in London but gradually made its way to America. You upload your interests and your hobbies to the website and they will pair you with a resident at a nursing home with similar interests as well, with whom you will write letters and establish a bond. 


  1. Vocalid

“Vocalid” is a program that allows you to offer your voice to people who can’t talk. You record yourself saying several different lines with varying emotions. 


  1. Warm-Up America

Do you like sewing, knitting, or crocheting? “Warm-up America” is an opportunity where you make hats, scarves, blankets and more for people in homeless shelters all over the country.